Patrick Schreiner

Seminary Advice pt. 10

In Theology on 05/30/2011 at 12:34 PM

Tenth, while at Seminary seek out a mentor.

If you are in Seminary and want nothing to do with the local church then an axis is loose. It is time to take the car to the shop, and get it overhauled.

Sitting under a pastor/pastors who are being faithful in preaching the Word and counseling might be more formative than all the classes you take.

I remember asking my pastor, when we were restructuring our services, how this would affect the opportunity for younger men to speak publicly. He responded wisely by saying that he thinks that his role as a pastor of many seminary students, is not only to give them opportunities to teach (although he does do this), but to teach them how to love people different from them.

I found this to be wise advice due to the fact that seminary students can sometimes get stuck in “seminary planet,” knowing how to talk about the different uses of works of the law in Paul, and forget how to talk to someone who is short on their mortgage payment this month.

So find a pastor, who has years of wisdom etched in his fading hairline, and stick close to him.

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